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Reduce Cost and Improve Disinfectant Practices in Your Warehouse

Reduce Liability and Keep Employees Safe with User Friendly Disinfecting Machine

COVID-19 presented a load of new challenges and keeping your workspace safe should not have to be one of them. Keeping larger spaces clean and sanitized is a significant challenge when trying to meet health and safety standards for essential workers, especially if they’re in constant contact with incoming shipments. Loading docks for warehouse workers are one of the most likely places to be at risk for potential exposure.

While hiring a cleaning crew everyday is costly, deep cleaning traditionally requires you to vacate the office, and in order to effectively kill germs, bacteria, and viruses on all surfaces, especially non-porous ones, products require a minimum of 70% alcohol content. What is the solution?

ClearWorld developed ClearCloud to offer a sanitation solution that is safe, fast, and effective.

ClearCloud is the only device that effectively kills bacteria and viruses by aerosolizing a non-toxic disinfectant solution to sanitize both air and surfaces. It is residue free, odorless, colorless, and safe around food and animals. Due to the machine's advanced technology, the solution emits particles that are 1-5μm filling up the space quickly with the ability to reach what conventional cleaners cannot.

ClearCloud Max Disinfecting Machine

Especially in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, if you wait too long to install a streamline way of cleaning, you run the risk of affecting your productivity and safety standards. ClearWorld’s strong, yet non-toxic solution offers sanitation that is both fast and safe. 

To maintain a productive, efficient, and safe environment it is important to use effective chemicals and proper safety measures - with ClearCloud you are getting the highest quality disinfectant and can place a sanitized sticker with a timestamp to let your employees know they are being taken care of. After a year into the pandemic, those returning to work need a place that maintains a germ-free environment!

With the option to rent machines as low as $299 a month, keep your business operations moving. Save time and money while keeping your staff safe. 

Contact Us to learn more about how ClearCloud can help keep your business safe. 

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